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Don’t Reinvent The Wheel: First Half Portfolio Performance

  • Portfolio performance for first half of 2024: +55% (+575K in portfolio dollars) compared to +1.73% for Russell 2000.
  • Realized winners include BuzzFeed, Inc. and Arq, Inc., while Barnes & Noble Education was a big loser.
  • The article discusses small cap and micro cap investments, and the concept of first mover advantage.
  • I am Courage & Conviction Investing. I spent many years analyzing stocks at a top investing firm. I lead the investing group Second Wind Capital, where I focus on smallcap value opportunities not being discussed elsewhere.
old school report card

liveslow/iStock via Getty Images

It is that time of the year again, report card time. In markets, this is often measured semi-annually and annually.

As a kid, I was always a good student, as myself and my 12 cousins (on my mother’s side) used to love report card


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